The Sinking of SS Parliament House

Author: Brett Bolton

Like many over the past few weeks, I’ve been glued to the television watching our current Government break apart on the rocks after its “experienced” crew navigated a direct course for them.  Being the fourth time a mutiny has occurred in the past 11 years, one must ask the question, do these guys get it?  Obviously not, and serving the public interest has been given away to greed and the quest for power.

Why does this matter to the marina industry?  A fair bit actually, as Federal and State Government positions on policies directly affect our industry and the short and long-term prosperity of small businesses which is what we are primarily made up of.

For example, there is currently amendments to the Coastal Trading Act being debated in the Federal Senate which if passed, would significantly reduce the hurdles to international Superyachts chartering in Australian waters.  The benefits to the industry are estimated by Superyacht Australia at around $1.12 Billion in 2021 showing 50% growth in this industry segment.

These changes would supercharge parts of the refit and marina businesses that cater for Superyachts and result in the creation of thousands of new skilled jobs.  It would provide the industry with a very good problem of having to build new infrastructure and create jobs to accommodate the growth.

Let’s hope that somehow out of this disastrous shipwreck, something with the stability of dumbarge can emerge and we can all get on with growing this great industry.

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